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Feb. 6th,13th,20th

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In Japan, Kanji characters (Chinese characters) and Japanese language itself have been enjoying attention and popularity quite a lot for some time.? In addition, you find entertainments such as a movie with calligraphy as its main theme, comic books and TV dramas adopted from the comics with a calligraphy motif. read more>>

First, a few of my classmates from my primary school began practicing calligraphy at a calligraphy school and they invited me to join them…. Then, my parents, especially my mother were more than happy to see their daughter hoping to take up calligraphy, from a reason you find above….
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You can leave “only” writing letters up to machines and gazettes.? As people, we should be trying something different from only writing “neat” letters.? Why don’t you try creating a black-and-white universe on a two-dimensional sheet of paper full of beautiful harmonic sounds among black lines and the very beauty that you can find only in the white blank spaces? read more>>